Fossils, Now in 3-D

This 3D scan of the fossilized hand of Australopithecus sediba, a human ancestor whose two-million-year-old remains were discovered in a South African cave, is one of nearly 9,000 fossil scans available for download at Visitors to the site can zoom in or out and rotate the fossil scans, download them and even make their own physical copies to hold in their hands using 3-D printing.

The Math of Popularity

Some people have thousands of Facebook friends, while most do not. The same popularity principle applies to websites, baby names and books, studies show. But restaurants may be different, finds Tony Tong of the Duke Network Analysis Center. Using the number of comments a restaurant receives as a measure of its popularity, Tong analyzed nearly 60,000 restaurants in New York City. The top 5,000 most popular restaurants appear in yellow.


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