Weighing a little less than two cubes of sugar when he was born at the Duke Lemur Center in June, male mouse lemur Filbert is one of more than 40 grey mouse lemurs living at Duke. If all goes well, Filbert could live to be 10-15 years old in captivity. Grey mouse lemurs are nocturnal animals that develop dementia-like symptoms similar to human Alzheimer’s as they age.

Deadly Emoticons

Living connective tissue cells called fibroblasts taken from an embryonic mouse glow under the microscope to indicate that the CALM-AF-10 gene is active within them. Duke pediatric cancer researcher Daniel Wechsler's team has identified the gene as part of a signaling sequence that can make cells immortal and lead to aggressive forms of leukemia. The discovery, which was featured on the cover of the journal Blood in June, points to a possible new therapeutic attack on leukemia.



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