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February 9, 2011

Tigers and helicopters and refrigerators, oh mom!

Mothers can be tigers, helicopters or soccer moms. But no stereotype was perhaps ever as biting as “refrigerator mom”.

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Irene Pepperberg and parrots

December 1, 2010

Can A Parott Do Math?

Can birds do math?

That’s what Irene Pepperberg wondered when she started a series of studies involving a single African grey parrot named Alex, who subsequently became very famous.

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November 2, 2010

Lasers in focus

Definitions don’t seem to come easy to scientists. Consider Pluto’s planethood, or the question of what constitutes life. More recently, the definition debate has even stymied how to describe a laser.

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Amy Caron

September 3, 2010

A Mind-Expanding Experience

How's this for mind-expanding? Duke's neuroscience community is hosting an artist-in-residence this term.

Amy Caron from Salt Lake City will be here from Oct. 7 through Nov. 3, offering eight public performances of her installation "Waves of Mu," which explores brain anatomy and the somewhat controversial notion of "mirror neurons." She'll also be guest-lecturing around campus in both arts and sciences.

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Tags: behavior/psychology, neuroscience, science communication & education, Visualization

Ritalin capsules, via Wikimedia Commons

May 18, 2010

College Substance Abuse is a Lot More Than Alcohol

Guest post from Jamese Slade, NCCU Summer intern

Underage drinking and drug use may not be a big deal to most college students, but these behaviors can have effects that will last a lifetime.

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Tags: behavior/psychology, medicine, neuroscience, students

May 14, 2010

Build-A-Brain Workshop

iStock - building a brainThat snap-crackle-pop sound you hear around a newborn human's head is the baby's brain being assembled at an alarming rate. The manufacturing of brain cells and getting them wired into meaningful circuits in the first months of life lays a foundation for abilities – and deficits – that seem to last a lifetime.

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