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Duke Research - Lemurs

Varieties of Variegata

July 25, 2011

Drawing a Line on Preservation

Conservation programs that perform captive breeding for endangered animals  – like the Duke Lemur Center – face a difficult choice when choosing pairs to breed.

DNA analysis suggests that some populations of rare animals which have been isolated from one another by fragmented habitat may in fact be distinct sub-species. If they've been separated long enough without mating opportunities, their genomes have evolved subtle differences.

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Tags: animals, biology, genetics/genomics, Lemurs

Screen shot of Anderson Cooper 360 Blog |

November 24, 2010

Animal Intelligence

As part of a package of stories on animal intelligence that was done for CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 show, correspondent Randi Kaye visited Duke a few weeks back to talk to cognitive scientists Liz Brannon and Brian Hare.

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Tags: behavior/psychology, Lemurs

Silky sifaka

October 15, 2010

Lemur play is on solid ground

Unless it leads to sex, adult male primates usually aren't very playful. Except if they’re Silky sifakas.

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Tags: animals, behavior/pschology, biology, environment/sustainability, lecture, Lemurs, science communication & education


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