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June 1, 2011

A hook into ocean lore

By Ashley Yeager


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March 29, 2011

Goodall visits her data at Duke

It’s hard to imagine Jane Goodall being envious of anyone, let alone the undergraduate and graduate students in Duke’s evolutionary anthropology program.

But as the legendary primatologist visited the university’s new research center that houses her 50-year data-collection on chimpanzees, it became evident that the scientist longed to “sit down and dive right in” to the data.

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Jane Goodall in the forest at Gombe

March 28, 2011

Putting Values on Resources

“Unless you know that [a resource] is going to be in your family for a very long time, you usually don’t manage it sustainably,” evolutionary anthropology professor Thomas Struhsaker said during a panel discussion, March 25.

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Tim Moore in a hole

November 4, 2010

Not Bad for a Swamp, eh?

When I think of Canada, I imagine beavers, maple syrup, hockey, and locals adding “eh?” to the end of their sentences. When McGill University's Tim Moore thinks of Canada, however, he imagines carbon cycles in the peatlands.

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Europa by Galileo mission

October 6, 2010

Were the Building Blocks Delivered?

If we really care to find out whether we're alone in the universe, we shouldn't be looking for intelligent life.  "We have a much better chance of finding stupid life," says Lynn Rothschild, an astrobiologist with NASA's Ames Research Center, who also teaches at Stan

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