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Duke Research - Envisioning the Invisible

September 17, 2010

Envisioning the Invisible

Abhijit Mahato was a loved and respected Duke engineering graduate student who became the victim of a random and senseless murder in January 2008. His friends and colleagues wanted some good to come out of his tragedy, and this week it has.

The winners of the first-ever Mahato Memorial scientific visualization contest were announced with a reception and gallery show and a keynote address by sci-viz guru and goddess Felice Frankel of Harvard and MIT. She urged scientists to tell their stories better with pictures. She also put in a plug for students to consider a career helping scientists visualize their data.

Tod Laursen, the former chair of Mechanical Engineering and Mahatho's advisor, also checked in by video conference from Abu Dhabi, where he is now president of Khalifa University.

Conference organizers hope this becomes an annual event.

Here's a slideshow of the winners, but for the full show, please go here.

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